President Posters & $5

Hello everyone,

We have "If I Were President" posters your children are welcome to fill out. If you haven’t received one yet & would like one, just contact Amanda or me!

Below is a picture of what the posters look like. We’ll let you know soon when they are due.

Also, we are requesting $5 per family for those presenting at the ed. fair to cover materials, decorations & goodie bags for the kids.

The topics look great!
Thank you for all your hard work!

We are looking forward to the ed. fair!
Since preparing will take up extra time, we will only have one event this month with our home school group which will be the ed. fair.

Feel free to invite friends & family!

Elections Education Fair 2016
Date: Saturday, Jan. 30th
Time: 2pm
Location: First Presbyterian Church, Ellerbe

What to bring:
*Snack to share with everyone (Feel free to bring a snack related to your topic. If you can’t think of one related to your child’s topic, any snack is great!
* $5 to cover ed. fair expenses